Sunday, July 20, 2008

i get that feeling

how do you get days like this?
i rode my bike straight into the rain.
i stopped and just looked up and it was one of the most invigorating moments i have had in a long time.
id have to say the last one i had before that was when elliott smith was playing and we turned it up as loud as we could.
and i had looked up at the sky and it was dark and i felt like i had reached a new high. just one of those dream-like moments when you hear a song you really like that means a lot to you, and then you realize that life is not exactly perfect but pretty damn close.
i need to get back to that point again.
i went to a wedding today and id have to say weddings are so sentimental to me, and really are inspiring. i cant wait until i get to share my day with the person i am destined to be with, i have it all planned out in my mind.

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