Wednesday, August 13, 2008

i am having one of my really motivational late nights, where three A.M. rolls around and all i feel like doing is cleaning and organizing. i got my room picked up in about five minutes, which is really impressive taking into consideration the amount of papers, junk, and dirty clothes that filled every inch. now tomorrow all i have to really do is vacuum and dust.

i sent some emails on a bunch of promising flats and apartments in the ferndale/royal oak area. i hope i get some hopeful replies tomorrow. i have also been researching cars like crazy. picking just one house, one car... that i’m stuck with for a long period of time doesn’t come easy to me. but then again i just get that feeling when the right one comes along.

i am more or less worried that financially things will go under. my dad is flaky about paying rent, one month he is completely fine with it and accepts it for what it is, and the next he decides its about time to guilt trip me for no real reason what so ever. because either way, he’d be paying for a dorm or a place for me to live anyhow. so i really don’t see how this is different, from what i hear it is actually more affordable.

i am going to go make my bed, crawl in it and hope to get a good sleep in. i love knowing i have the day off tomorrow, and no plans until around 5. that means i get to wake up at my leisure, make coffee, and just chill out.

i love those mornings by myself.

i think my phone is really broken or haunted or both at the same time. therese texted me "howdy partner" at like 10 this morning, i have gotten that same text like 15 times randomly throughout the day... one including just now. and i know she went to bed hours ago.

it's starting to get annoying and actually kind of freak me out.

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