Saturday, August 9, 2008


i hate living here with my aunt. she has issues with everything i do, how long it takes me to do it, how i do it.
now she's complaining because she's been in the bathroom for an hour, and i finally said i had to shower before work and she's all like "no because i have to do my hair and you take too long in the bathroom. dear god."
so what if it takes me 45 min to shower, dry my hair and curl it.
i am paying for the stupid bathroom.
not to mention she literally comes in my room when I am IN it... doing something... and turns my light off.
and when i say turn it back on she says "no because youre wasting electricity" when I am actually using it.
then... she leaves the television in the living room on and goes to take a shower.
that isn't wasteful?

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