Thursday, August 7, 2008

short prose

so sarah is gone to tawas and i am wondering if i will see her soon after she gets back,
albeit i haven't seen her in two or three months which if you ask me is just a ridiculous amount of time to go without seeing your best friend since first grade.
thus i have been spending most of my time with erin going to value world and almost every time spending 15 dollars on scarves, shirts, knick-knacks and vintage one-piece outfits. the jumper/one-piece i got was only .90 cents, but i think the bottom where the shorts meet the top is too baggy.
i wonder if this can be fixed?
also i am disappointed that every time i make plans with t they almost always, nine times out of ten fall through.
i can't wait to drive. if i had my license i think i'd generally be a much happier person,
and go exploring to all of these places i have on this list.
august thirteenth will be a glorious day for me, as i will be waking up at 8 am to drive for ninety minutes with an instructor.
i feel like i am well on my way!

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Anonymous said...

Getting a license is pretty liberating. I'm curious, as to why you've waited so long, though? Most people I know were in such a big hurry.